Design Team, Advisory Committee & Physician Leadership Development Project

More than 50 leaders from across Maine took part in a year-long planning effort to design Maine's Health Leadership Development program. These experienced professionals devoted many hours to this effort and were instrumental identifying leadership needs and developing a program that combines many components, inclduing collaborative leadership skillbuilding, hands-on training in adaptive leadership and stakeholder engagement and a wide array of case studies on how collaboration can work here in Maine. 



Advisory Committee

Karen Andrews, Anthem
Shannon Banks, Central Maine Healthcare
Chuck DeSieyes, MD, Family Practice Physician
William Diggins, RN, Maine Health Alliance (Chair, Health Content Work Group)
Jack Ginty, Maine Osteopathic Association
Ellen Grant, Institute for Civic Leadership
Greg Gull, PhD, St. Joseph College
Sheila Hanley, MPH, Wellpoint
James Harnar, Hanley Center for Health Leadership
George “Bud” Higgins, MD, Maine Medical Center
Kevin Healey, St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center
David Howes, MD, Martin’s Point Healthcare
Kenneth Johnson, DO, University of New England
Kevin Lewis, Maine Primary Care Association
Dan McCormack, Intermed
Laura Moorehead, Institute for Civic Leadership
Jan Morrisette, RN, Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
       (Chair, National Program Review Work Group)
Gino Nalli, Muskie School of Public Service
Carl Pendleton, Sweetser
Marty Riehle, RN, Maine Medical Center
Peter Russell, Mercy Hospital
Roger Renfrew, MD, Redington Fairview General Hospital
Lisa Sockabasin, RN, Maine Department of Human Services
Gordon Smith, Esq, Maine Medical Association
Meredith Tipton, PhD, Tipton Enterprises
Becky Whittemore, FNP, Maine Public Health Association
John Wipfler, Esq, OA Centers for Orthopedics


Design Team

Noel Bonam, Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs, State of Maine
Janice Cohen, Cohen Leadership Consulting
Susan Knapp, Sweetser Training Institute
Michael McCormack, Massachusetts Institute for Community Health Leadership (BCBS of Massachusetts)
Laura Moorehead, Institute for Civic Leadership
Gary Stern, Stern Consulting International
Meredith Tipton, MPH, PhD, Tipton Enterprises


Physician Leadership Development Practicum Project (ICL)

“Ned” Claxton, MD, Central Maine Medical Center

John Dodge, MEMIC
Lisa Letourneau, MD Quality Counts

Jim Harnar, Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership
Diana Stiles Friou


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