Who will benefit most from the HLD program?

The HLD Program is designed for emerging and evolving leaders from throughout Maine and across the entire spectrum of health and healthcare related organizations.


Each HLD class will be made up a diverse mix of individuals who currently are in leadership roles and are poised to take on greater collaborative leadership responsibilities in the months and years ahead.


Applications are invited from individuals involved in nonprofit and for profit organizations as well as government, including:


  • Clinicians in leadership roles (or those seeking greater leadership roles)
  • Healthcare administrators and managers
  • Health and healthcare CEOs
  • Public health leaders
  • Government officials
  • Insurers and benefits managers
  • Researchers
  • Educators
  • Employers with an interest in health and healthcare
  • Volunteer board members
  • Consumers and consumer advocates
  • Physician practice leaders
  • Individuals involved in community health partnerships
  • Healthcare attorneys
  • Health and healthcare association staffs
  • Foundation staff and board members
  • Professional society leaders
  • Health finance specialists
  • Othersā€¦


Consider nominating a colleague for the program. Follow this link to fill out a nomination form.



Unsure if you or a colleague you know might benefit from the HLD program?

Call or email Judiann Smith at 207-553-9851 x10 or judiannsmith@hanleyleadership.org 

Call or email Kathy Vezina at 207-553-9851 x11 or kathrynvezina@hanleyleadership.org

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