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Maine’s health care environment is becoming more complex and competitive than ever before. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to find solutions to the problems of access, quality and affordability.


Maine needs leaders who are able to tackle these tough challenges–challenges that require courage, vision and new and more effective leadership approaches.


Since its creation in late 2007, nearly 250 leaders have taken part in Maine's unique statewide Health Leadership Development (HLD) course. Each year HLD brings together a diverse mix of experienced leaders from a wide range of health and healthcare settings and professions to build their individual collaborative leadership skills and prepare them to lead efforts aimed at improving quality and expanding access to affordable care. While these dedicated individuals come from different backgrounds and communities, they share a deep commitment to making a difference here in Maine.


HLD is a major program of the Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership, an independent nonprofit organization based in Portland, Maine. The HLD course was developed in cooperation with the Institute for Civic Leadership. For more information about the Hanley Center, visit


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